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Robert Woods

Robert Woods was born near Gallatin, Tennessee, near Nashville and was one of the boy preachers with Marshall Keeble.. He attended the Nashville Christian Institute, where he was sponsored by a wealthy African American doctor in the town and later was the longtime minister of the Monroe Street Church of Christ on the west side of Chicago. After his retirement, he served as a minister in Villa Rica, Georgia. In the interview, he focuses on the differences in the relationship between blacks and whites in eastern Tennessee as compared to the western part of the state where the KKK dominated. His grandparents were not slaves and his grandfather was raised and supported by his white father. Much of the interview focuses on the beginnings of the Church of Christ in Gallatin, early preachers to the area, including Marshall Keeble and Marion F. Holt, and Woods own experiences at the Nashville Christian Institute. The file consists of a summary transcript.

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