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Susy Minor Bynam (Mrs D. J. Bynam) (1889- )

The file consists of an annotated transcript of an interview on October 29, 1973 and a short second interview the next day. Mrs. Bynam was born in Mississippi, attended school there and then spent two years at Southern Christian Institute. From her earliest memories, her family were members of the Churches of Christ in Mississippi. In the tape, Mrs. Bynam talks about her heritage and her family, the early church in Mississippi, and her memories of early evangelists, including G. P. Bowser and Marshall Keeble. Her first husband, who died young, was a farmer. They eventually moved to Memphis to find better employment where he died after a long illness. Her second husband was D. J. Bynam, a noted evangelist. In the interview, she talks about moving to Detroit after marrying Bynam and of black and white relations in her family, stories about Bynam and his preaching, and black and white relations in the churches with which she is familiar.

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