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Dr. Tim Sensing

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Dr. Melinda Thompson

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Dr. Carson E. Reed


The problem addressed in this project emerges from my understanding of evangelism. For me evangelism must include proclamation, discipleship, a reliance on the Holy Spirit, and the utilization of small groups. I see DBS as accomplishing these goals, and the problem of this work was to demonstrate whether this is true in the context of African Christian College and the surrounding area.

I used a method called participatory action research. I made it my goal to learn all that I could about DBS and then share this material in a classroom setting with my students at ACC. We then participated together by going into the community around the ACC campus and actually doing DBS with those persons of peace who were discovered. Careful records were maintained so that it would be possible to measure the success of the effort.

Many things happened that were not controllable. Adjustments had to be made on the spot. Still the students got into the field and followed the plan they had been taught. They were very surprised because no team had to make more than two calls on potential prospects before they were granted a study. As the studies progressed, they became increasingly aware of the fact that DBS really does work. Deep personal relationships were formed and significant specific positive things happened: the Holy Spirit did work in ways that were observable (such as one healing).

There is no doubt in my mind, nor in that of the students who participated, that DBS really did work in the environs of ACC. The students were very enthusiastic each day when they returned to campus after their time in the field. At the end of the project the students overwhelmingly expressed an enthusiastic desire to put the DBS method to work in their home region after they leave school.

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