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Fall 12-2018


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Organizational Leadership

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Doctor of Education

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Carley Dodd

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Darin Martin

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Billie McConnell


Interactions between diversity and inclusion have been incompletely studied on U.S. college campuses. Previous researchers have also demonstrated an incomplete understanding of these two constructs, resulting in uneven attempts to create inclusion on college campuses. Diversity and inclusion research on college life is needed because inclusion is relatively new and unexplored, student diversity in U.S. higher education is increasing, and practical models and programs for enhancing campus inclusion are lacking. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to identify best practices and student attitudes regarding inclusion and group memberships with Generation Z and Millennial college students in the United States, the most diverse student generations to-date. Attitudes and behaviors on inclusion were specifically surveyed at 3 U.S.- based Christian universities. To examine diversity and inclusion, a quantitative study design was used to explore how demographic, group membership, and group practices impact student’s feelings of inclusion. A planned outcome of this research was identifying findings with practical applications for higher education professionals that want to create a culture of inclusion on campus, using survey results. The results revealed that group membership significantly affects students’ feelings of inclusion. Practices of intentional fellowship, mentorship, and diversity were also found to affect feelings of inclusion.

Keywords: diversity, inclusion, Generation Z, Millennial, social identity theory, fellowship, mentorship, intentional diversity practices

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