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Dallas Campus (Online)

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Spring 4-2019


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Organizational Leadership

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Doctor of Education

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Dr. Jesse Richter

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Dr. Karen Maxwell

Third Committee Member or Committee Reader

Dr. Bobby Martinez


In this quantitative study, I investigated the effectiveness of a training intervention program to positively impact secondary teacher attitudes and perceptions of culturally responsive teaching (CRT). The study is relevant in Alvin Independent School District given the demographic shift resulting in an increase in Hispanic students and students learning English as a second language. The purpose of the study was to investigate teacher attitudes and perceptions of CRT to determine if there was a statistically significant difference according to pre- and post-survey data in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the CRT program intervention. The CRT research from Ladson-Billings (1992) and Gay (2000) supported the foundational elements of the CRT training intervention. Using Ginsberg and Wlodkowski’s (2009) motivational framework for CRT, I utilized a survey to measure teacher attitudes and perceptions of CRT. The framework supports the intrinsic motivation to empathize with diverse students, while promoting positive learning outcomes for all. Data from the quasi-experimental design included a pre- and post-survey. Results provided evidence to infer that there was a statistically significant increase in teachers’ perception of CRT and attitude toward CRT after participation in a CRT training intervention. Results of this study indicated potential for change for linguistically and culturally diverse student populations given changes in teacher perception of and attitude toward CRT.

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