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Alan Lipps

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Stephanie Hamm

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Beth Gerken


The research question that was examined in this research study is whether or not The Center for Child and Family Advocacy’s adult male sex offender group is effective in lowering risk responsibility and criminality, and increasing treatment cooperation, self-management, and social ability and supports. The specific program material used in this treatment group is The Road to Freedom, by Morin and Levenson (2002). This experimental study utilized a paired-sample t-test­ to examine the differences between the first measurement and second measurement of three groups: current client, completed clients, and all clients.

The results demonstrated that this particular treatment program had statistically significant improvements between the total scores of first measurements and second measurements. This proves that the agency’s program is effective overall. More specifically, it is effective in lowering risk responsibility and criminality, and increasing treatment cooperation and self-management. There is some limited support for the program increasing social stability and supports.

There were many limitations based on inconsistencies with the data. Consequently, there were several implications for policy and practice. There are many current research studies regarding sex offender treatment in general, but there was a lack of research specifically relating The Raod to Freedom program, as well as specifically relating to the Sex Offender Treatment Intervention and Progress Scale (SOTIPS). More research is needed in this area.

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