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Abilene Campus (Residential)

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Spring 5-2016

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Master of Arts

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Shelly Sanders

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Mikee Delony

Third Committee Member or Committee Reader

Bill Carroll


The Lightbringer is about a collision of two worlds: the world of a contemporary South Florida town and the magical world of Zariel, bringing with it the universal threat of the Terra. Childhood friends, Breck and Tom, are thrown into the middle of an ancient conflict between the Terra—a collection of alien races that have been transformed by darkness—and the forces of good. After an encounter with a magical pool of golden water, the boys must learn to use their new abilities to protect against the growing Terranox army. In the midst of their struggle, however, a mysterious companion—the Lightbringer, one of the few remaining Lightborne—arrives to help them survive the invasion and to guide them while they search for the one who can help them save the world. While facing the ever-increasing threat of the Terra, Breck comes to grips with his origins and his destiny as the Lightbringer who is said to overthrow the Terra once and for all.

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