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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Jonas Nguh

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Tonya Sawyer-McGee

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Molly Kuhle


The purpose of this project was to examine a university health clinic’s influenza vaccination program in a suburban city in a western U.S. state, and to explore the effects of partnering with a local pharmacy to overcome billing issues. A program evaluation was conducted to identify the potential barrier of cost for students. The health clinic was not set up to bill private health insurance for students; therefore, if students wanted to get a flu shot, they had to pay out of pocket for it. A pilot program was created in conjunction with the program director, partnering with the local branch of a national pharmacy chain to bring in its services for the day. The pharmacy could bill students’ private insurance, making the immunization free for students who had coverage. The impact on overall influenza vaccination rates was evaluated by comparing data from the program extension and historical data from years with no pharmacy partnership. The results showed a significant increase in vaccination rates with the pharmacy mobile clinic option. Key recommendations for universities that do not bill student insurance for influenza vaccines given in the health clinic include: (a) partner with a local pharmacy to provide mobile flu shot clinics on campuses for two or more days; (b) discuss with the pharmacy if it can write off denied claims for students, and if so, get an agreement in writing; and (c) market the mobile flu shot clinic using the principles of the theory of planned behavior.

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