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The problem addressed in this study was teacher attrition. The purpose of this qualitative research was to conduct a program evaluation of the mentoring program in a large urban district in Texas. The research conducted was through questionnaires derived from the teacher questionnaire of the National Teacher and Principal Survey 2015–2016 School Year and in-depth interviews of both novice teachers and mentors. Findings indicated that connectedness, modeling, and collaborative conversations were critical to the success of novice teachers. Additional findings indicated that training, classroom observations, and monthly meetings were the most effective components of the Study Independent School District (SISD, pseudonym) [CB1] mentoring program. For novice teachers, it was concluded that SISD should strive to purposefully embed training on all SISD classroom management modules into new teacher inductions and ensure novice teachers have opportunities to observe other teachers, be observed, and engage in honest, constructive conversations that provide meaningful feedback about areas of improvement. For mentors, it was recommend eliminating or restructuring one of the mentor training sessions, adding ongoing coaching professional development, and increasing expectations for campus mentor coordinators to provide additional support to teachers. For both participant groups, frequent check-in meetings with novice teachers and mentors was suggested to assist with immediate needs and proactively address potential future concerns.

Keywords: teacher attrition, novice teacher, mentor, program evaluation, novice teacher support

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