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McClellan Lynn


Medication errors cause millions of deaths every year in the United States. Miscommunication during the transition of care accounts for the highest number of such errors. The lack of patientinclusion in information exchange among nurses during the change of shift prevents reliable and accurate information exchange and threatens patients’ safety. Inadequate transfer of patient information from one nurse to the other on a hospital unit can cause unfair irreversible harm to the patient and even death. Orlando’s (1961) dynamic nurse-patient relationship theory explained the interdependent relationship between the nurse and the patient in achieving excellent treatment outcomes. This descriptive, inferential study examined the effect of a bedside shift report checklist on medication administration errors. Registered nurses from a large healthcare organization utilized a medication administration checklist to handoff at the bedside for 3 months. An independent samples t test of a preintervention checklist data comparison with a postintervention data showed no statistical significance. For the checklist group, the mean score and the standard deviation for the datasets were 6.7 and 1.2, respectively, and for the no checklist, the mean score and standard deviation were 8.0 and 3.5, respectively. There was no significant difference in the mean scores for the significance (p), which equaled .561.

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