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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Linda Gibson

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Sharisse Hebert

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Lynx McClellan



Administering local anesthetics, such as intradermal, should become standard practice for RNs in pretreatments for pain control prior to intravenous insertion. Peripheral venous cannulation has provoked the most fear and anxiety in adult patients about everyday practice in hospitals. Adult patients often state that this procedure causes considerable discomfort. Local anesthesia for cannulation is usually not offered to adult patients who are on general medical units. Evidence has indicated inconsistency in the use of pain management strategies during these procedures. The researcher’s goal in this project was to educate RNs about the intradermal pretreatment procedure, provide education on the hospital’s current IV therapy pretreatment policy, increase the usage of intradermal local anesthesia for cannulation for patients’ comfort level, and utilize low-fidelity simulation for adult learners. Many studies have shown simulation can be an influential tool in helping adult learners; for example, RNs can envision concepts and apply knowledge in a safe, nonthreatening environment. The conceptual framework the researcher chose for this simulation, point of interest capstone project was Knowles’s adult learning theory, which describes methods to help adult learners visualize the connectedness of concepts and applications of knowledge to actual life situations.

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