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Abilene Campus (Residential)

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Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry


This thesis reports on a project to guide the leadership team to prepare the church body for ministry at the Connecticut Valley Church of Christ. This intervention involved the leadership team in a series of one-hour sessions in the fall of 2011 that brought together different sources for theological reflection, such as lectio divina, prayer, theology of equipping from Ephesians 4, contextual engagement with the congregation, and the participants’ own experience of leadership. The sessions’ purpose was to generate discussion and practices among the sources so that the leadership team could become more effective in its congregational role to guide the church membership in ministry. Evaluation of the project revealed several key insights: (1) the leadership team connected Paul’s theology in Ephesians with their own ministerial tasks; (2) active engagement with the congregation provided the participants with opportunities to grow as leaders; (3) exposure to necessary spiritual and leadership practices created opportunities for the leadership team to broaden their expectations; and (4) recognition of the importance to become an effective team.



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