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DNP Project



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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Linda Gibson

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Lawrence Santiago

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Molly Kuhle


This DNP study was conducted to identify knowledge gaps about electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) among mental health nurses and to determine the effectiveness of an educational intervention on the knowledge and attitude of mental health nurses about the use of ECT at a psychiatric hospital. In this study, the researcher sought to build upon an existing knowledge base using principles of adult learning theory to enhance the therapeutic relationship of the nursing staff when caring for ECT patients. A sample of three-quarters (N = 119) of the mental health nursing staff employed by the psychiatric hospital consented to participate in the study. An electronic survey was completed before and after a staff development presentation provided through the hospital’s nursing education department. A majority of the participants were female (85%), registered nurses (73%), age 50 and older (51%), had been a nurse for 11 years or more (62.5%), and had 11 years or more experience in mental health nursing (47.6%). Pretest knowledge scores (M = 0.8978) revealed gaps in expected knowledge about the purpose, efficacy, side effects, and the nurse’s role associated with ECT. Following the presentation, a significant increase in mean knowledge scores (M = 1.3521) was evident. However, no significant change was noted from pretest attitude scores (M = 3.79) to posttest attitude scores (M = 3.52). Although the presentation was effective in improving the participants’ mean knowledge scores about ECT, attitudes toward it among this sample of nurses did not correlate with the change in mean knowledge scores.

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