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Black students make up the vast majority of the student population in at-risk schools identified as Title I. With large gaps in educational achievement, Black, at-risk students have lower federal and state test scores, higher course failure rates, and lower enrollment in classes such as Advanced Placement when compared to their White counterparts. With this in mind, teacher expectations play a vital role in the success of Title I, Black students. Public school administrators are also integral when it comes to leading the direction of instruction within these teacher-led classrooms. In this qualitative, interpretative phenomenological study, the researcher explored how public-school administrators perceived the influence of teacher expectations on behavior infractions and academic achievement of Black students in mismatch (White teacher, Black students), Title I classrooms. The 6 public school administrators that participated in this research contributed through semi-structured, one-on-one interviews, which contained 19 questions. Once complete, each interview was transcribed and coded to determine reoccurring themes that answered the 3 overarching research questions. Based on the findings, the public-school administrators interviewed believed that culture played an important part in the education of Title I, Black students. Classrooms that are considered mismatch should involve culturally relevant teaching, where the content is made meaningful for students through the connecting of real-world scenarios and stories. Participants also suggested that public school administrators create a vision that models setting high expectations for all students, including Black students identified as at-risk.

Keywords: At-risk students/population, Title I campus/school, mismatch classroom(s), Black student(s), White teacher(s), teacher expectations, public school administrator(s)

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