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Spring 5-2016

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Social Work

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Master of Science

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Alan Lipps

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Stephen Baldridge

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Rachel Slaymaker


The impact of parental substance use and the need for Family Dependency Treatment Court in Taylor County are qualitatively explored and described, analyzing interviews of identified key informants. The areas explored are the current practices and process in Taylor County when a substance use issue is identified in a parent during a child welfare case, the impact of parental substance use on the child welfare system, knowledge and opinions regarding treatment options, and knowledge and opinions of Family Dependency Treatment Court. The sample size was 8 professionals who worked as attorney ad litems, Department of Family and Protective Services workers, and child placing agency workers. Evidence was found to support literature of the impact of parental substance use on the child welfare system and children of substance-using parents. Evidence was also found to support the need of an effective intervention to address the increase in child welfare cases and the rise of parental substance use in Taylor County. However, due to lack of knowledge of Family Dependency Treatment Court, there was no significant evidence to specifically support the establishment of an FDTC in Taylor County

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