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Abstract Noncompliance is a patient’s inability to comply with the recommended treatment for their complete recovery from an ailment, while compliance is the extent to which a patient adheres to the provider’s directive, such as medication and orders given. The purpose of this study was to determine if motivational interviewing when applied to noncompliant pediatric patients from single-parent households, would improve global medical compliance in this population as compared to the standard of care at the end of three months. Thirty-two participants were recruited using the homogeneous purposeful sampling. The project employed a mixed-method approach. Fred Kleinsinger’s noncompliant behavior tool was administered to obtain staging data on noncompliance among participants. Pretest and posttest data were inputted to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and subsequently imported into SPSS version 25 software. The demographic data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Pretest and posttest data were compared using a paired t test and Wilcoxon’s signed-rank test. Following motivational interviewing, median noncompliance decreased from a score of 2 preintervention to 1 postintervention. Findings from other studies suggest that motivational interviewing is effective in curbing or reducing noncompliance. In this project, the goal of implementation scientific research was met by the conclusion that motivational interviewing significantly decreased medical noncompliance among pediatric patients from single-parent families. Healthcare providers must screen for potential noncompliance and prevent it before it manifests by proactively implementing a process for addressing noncompliance in their clinics. Keywords: pediatric noncompliance, motivational interviewing, single-parent families


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