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Abstract Healthcare governing boards have responsibility for the legal and financial stability of the organization. They are assuming more responsibility for quality care and outcomes. Nurse leaders have valuable insights into key shared governance issues such as quality of care, financial performance, legal requirements, and regulatory oversight. Yet, only 5% of the 3.2 million nurses in the U.S. health workforce hold a seat on hospital governing boards in the United States. The purpose of this study was to explore how nurses with executive experience perceive their own leadership qualities in the context of established requirements for executive hospital boards. Fifty chief nursing officers and nurse directors completed a quantitative survey using the Center for Healthcare Governance assessment tool of the American Hospital Association. This survey details a desired list of skills, experience, and personal qualities for board placement. Participant responses to the survey indicated that senior-level nurse executives had significant expertise in business management, administration and policy, clinical experience, quality and patient safety, ethics, and diversity. Areas needing further development were finance, human resource management, information technology, board governance, and community relations. This information can be used to educate hospital boards regarding the qualifications of nurse leaders. Nursing organizations and academia could use this information to round out the skills of senior nursing leaders.

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