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Organizational Leadership

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The problem of this study involved how pastors can enhance their awareness of creating church and public school partnerships, the contributing factors that prevent the formation of public school and urban church partnerships, and the need to identify leadership strategies that can be implemented by school leaders and urban pastors to overcome those obstacles. The purpose of this qualitative case study was to investigate how urban pastors and public-school leaders could become more aware of church and public-school partnerships and address contributing factors that prevent church and public school partnerships. In addition, possible leadership strategies to increase church and public-school partnerships were identified. Researching a more comprehensive understanding of perceived problems, knowing the strength of each challenge, and identifying leadership strategies to overcome the obstacles may help pastors and school leaders develop the necessary leadership skills needed for holistic partnership building. Qualitative data were collected through semi structured interviews with 10 school leaders and a discussion panel of four pastors. After data were assessed from the ideology and practices of the pastors’ focus group and the semi structured school leader interviews through the eyes of cross boundary leadership, it was apparent that implementation of the right leadership skills can result in more synergistic church and public school partnerships. Neighboring churches and public schools share the same geographical area and serve the same residents. Churches partnering with schools seek to rebuild communities by comprehensively influencing the lives of youths and their families in addressing the education, health, economic, and social needs of hurting people by leaving the four walls and interacting with the people. In essence, they are operating in the mission that Jesus commanded to look after the less fortunate.

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