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This study of 99 middle school students in an urban area examined the relationship between community factors and student outcomes. The community factors that were examined were school violence based on if a student was a victim or witness and also if the student was an offender of school violence, violence and substance use exposure based on student’s home location, and socioeconomic status were also examined. Student outcomes were examined based on academic testing (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness of College and Careers or PARCC), grade point average (GPA), and school suspension (both Out-of-School Suspension or OSS and in-school-suspension/Alternative Learning Environment or ALE). Analysis consisted of bivariate correlations. Findings of this study show corollary relationships between students who are victim or witnesses to school violence and GPA. Additionally, a corollary relationship between GPA and suspension was found. The relationships found in this study suggest further attention is needed to understand student outcomes and to develop tools and interventions for middle school students to promote academic success.

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