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DNP Project



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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Dr. Sharisse Hebert

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Dr. Tonya Sawyer- McGee

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Dr. Ugochi Irikannu


This Doctor of Nursing Practice project will inform the audience of stroke awareness as it pertains to oral contraceptives. The study’s focus was to enhance the knowledge of African American women ages 20–40 that have used or are currently using an oral contraceptive. It has been identified that this patient population lacked the knowledge regarding stroke and oral contraceptives, and African American women continue to have the highest incidence of stroke. African American women also make up more than half of the consumers utilizing oral contraceptives. An oral contraceptive knowledge questionnaire was utilized from previous research to determine if any differences exist. A 16-question pre- and posttest was administered to participants and a brief Zoom educational session regarding oral contraceptive use, benefits, risks, and stroke risk factors and symptoms. There was a quantitative study used to ascertain participants’ understanding of oral contraceptives and the effects of stroke. A Fisher’s exact test was used to determine a real difference between the pre- and posttest scores. Despite most participants holding graduate degrees, the findings revealed a knowledge gap existed prior to holding the educational session. Overall, there was a positive effect noted because of the utilization of oral contractive and stroke education sessions. The most significant finding was an awareness of the risk of acquiring blood clots or stroke with oral contraceptive use. Keywords: oral contraceptive, contraceptive knowledge, stroke, stroke prevention, African American women

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