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Educational Leadership

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Doctor of Education

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Katherine Yeager

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Karmyn Downs


Despite elementary Catholic schools engaging in school marketing for some years, the level of knowledge of the school leaders and the challenges related to school marketing and the implementation of a marketing framework is not known. The researcher focused this qualitative case study on identifying the key relationship marketing performance indicators and the diffusion of school marketing that contribute to a sustainable organization after the implementation of marketing and culture change. The research questions explored the main knowledge, skills, and abilities related to marketing and leadership that can be used to aid the elementary Catholic school leaders to assist in the diffusion of marketing. Conceptually, this study was framed within theories of relationship marketing, transformational leadership, and diffusion of innovation. The researcher collected data through in-depth interviews, which provided detailed descriptions of the participants’ experiences and created the basis for analysis. Ten participants from a diocese in Pennsylvania were selected for participation, and a series of video and transcribed interviews were conducted. The analysis included multiple passes of process coding and researcher description of notable comments. The results of this study provide insight for school leaders at all levels regarding the importance that principals’ knowledge of school marketing is to the successful diffusion of the innovation. This study contributes to identifying the next steps and the development of a framework for school marketing implementation in Catholic elementary schools. It is important to study the level of knowledge of school leaders and identify the challenges related to Catholic elementary school marketing in order to ensure effective implementation of marketing concepts.

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