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The Centers for Disease Control and prevention reported nearly 2.3 million STD cases diagnosed in 2017, and the number is continuing to rise. San Antonio, Texas, is ranked third in the state of Texas with the highest STD rates and leading in the state with congenital syphilis. There is an increased risk for contracting STDs working in the sex industry. There are little to no studies pertaining to any educational interventions offered to exotic dancers to increase personal knowledge on STDs. This research has focused on an educational intervention offered by a nurse practitioner to exotic dancers in two adults-only establishments in the city of San Antonio. Through this research, a sexually transmitted disease knowledge questionnaire (STDKQ) was given as a pretest, then a personal tailored educational intervention was offered by a nurse practitioner. After the educational intervention was given, the same STD-KQ was given as a posttest to measure the personal knowledge on STDs. The collected data were translated into descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, and then a McNemar Test was run on the pretest and posttest results. A Cronbach Alpha was calculated for reliability. For their time, the exotic dancers were gifted a $5.00 gift card for Starbucks coffee, condoms, and a list of local free resources, calendar of STD mobile clinic, and transportation if needed. The educational intervention provided by the nurse practitioner did increase in the exotic dancers’ personal knowledge on STDs. Having an accessible educator, advocate, and resources are vital to increase knowledge on STDs in the sex industry.

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