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Marriage and Family Therapy

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Master of Marriage and Family Therapy

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Lisa V. Merchant

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Lisa Powell

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Michael Pounds


One challenge therapists face when working with clients is whether or not to self-disclose personal information. Therapists may wonder whether it is ethical, and if so, what types of self-disclosure are appropriate, what impact self-disclosure will have, and how to self- disclose. Although much research exists on the benefits and costs of therapist self- disclosure (TSD), the literature on the decision-making process of TSD is scarce, particularly for marriage and family therapists. The objective of this study was to develop a general theory of the decision-making process surrounding therapist self-disclosure for marriage and family therapists. The researcher developed this theory by conducting qualitative interviews from a convenience sample of marriage and family therapists. From these interviews, the researcher searched for themes regarding TSD and developed a theory based on these themes. This theory includes a therapist’s personal philosophy of TSD, in addition to common thoughts and feelings occurring before, during, and after the self-disclosure. This theory may inform other marriage and family therapists in two ways. First, it may normalize the decision-making process for them if they experience a process similar to that of the sample. Second, it will give marriage and family therapists a template of what to consider when deciding to self-disclose to clients.

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