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Educational Leadership

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Doctor of Education

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Linda Wilson-Jones

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Ana Gomez de Torres

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Katherine Yeager


The aim of this study was to explore membership in Black Greek-letter sororities and the influence on career advancement for Black women in higher education. Research has neglected to account for the role that Black Greek-letter organizations play in the development of Black women beyond their undergraduate experience. This research is motivated by two research questions: (1) How do Black women perceive that membership in Black Greek-letter sororities prepared them for career advancement in higher education?; and (2) How do Black women perceive that membership in Black Greek-letter sororities influenced their professional success in higher education? To examine these questions, the study explored the perceptions of 12 Black women holding a membership in one of four Black Greek-letter sororities on the influence these memberships had on career advancement using interpretative phenomenological analysis. The findings from the research show that the impact of Black-Greek letter sorority membership on the career advancement for Black women in higher education is more complex than previously thought. The results, implications for institutions of higher education and Black Greek-letter sororities, and future research are discussed.

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