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Organizational Leadership

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Doctor of Education

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John Kellmayer

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Simone Elias

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Emiel Owens


There has been notable growth in the number of dual language programs across the United States in recent years. Like traditional bilingual programs, dual language programs rely heavily on the adequate staffing of bilingual teachers—a subgroup of educators who are in short supply. Despite notable findings from research regarding bilingual teacher retention, the topic of dual language teacher retention remains relatively unexplored. The purpose of this quantitative study was to investigate to what extent a statistically significant association exists between factors related to organizational climate and dual language teacher retention. Using the Organizational Climate Index, the researcher explored four key domains of organizational climate: Collegial Leadership, Professional Teacher Behavior, Achievement Press, and Institutional Vulnerability. Survey results from 86 dual language teachers in the District of Columbia Public Schools were analyzed using a correlational design. The results of this study were calculated using a logistic regression model, which indicated a statistically significant association between Collegial Leadership, Professional Teacher Behavior, and Institutional Vulnerability and dual language teacher retention intentions. Inversely, no statistically significant association was found between Achievement Press and dual language teacher retention intentions

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