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Organizational Leadership

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The problem addressed in this study was the literature gap regarding how internal organizational knowledge can be increased effectively within outsourcing projects. The study was a qualitative social constructionist case study composed of senior technology leaders. The purpose this study addressed was to understand the current structure of technical outsourcing contracts and how future contracts could be structured to address the problem of this study. The research incorporated how a reconceptualized absorptive capacity model, sociocognitive theory, and digital leadership mindsets could improve knowledge transfer outcomes between a vendor and client. Research shows that increasing an organization’s knowledge during an outsourcing project can lead to increased organizational innovation capacity and improve the output and quality of products. The qualitative semistructured interview data were codified manually using transcribed data with NVivo 12 software for depicting patterns and themes. The study findings indicated that corporate learning programs lacked the necessary rigor to prepare the organization effectively before and after an outsourcing engagement in terms of preparing associates with the technical knowledge transfer necessary to lessen future vendor dependencies. Additionally, I found a lack of formalized language depicting learning and knowledge transfer deliverables in outsourcing contracts. The study’s primary conclusion centered on the importance of leaders incorporating a more digital mindset and a corporate learning program focused on a structured, continual strategic learning program. Additionally, the development and inclusion of formalized learning objectives, knowledge transfer, and stated deliverables in an outsource contract are vital.

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