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There are apparent problems and fragmentation in the health care delivery system across all specialties, specifically oncology. Oncology is an area within the health care system that has an exponential growth of patients. The incidences of newly diagnosed cancer patients are increasing annually, and the improvements in cancer treatments allow patients to live beyond cancer, resulting in an increased volume of survivors annually as well. These increases place an incredible demand on our health care system, including, but not limited to, primary care physicians and specialists such as medical oncologists. With these increases, there is still an evident gap within oncology survivorship care as one transitions from the end of treatment to survivorship care. This study revealed that more than 50% of nurses surveyed believed survivorship care plans (SCPs) were beneficial to cancer survivors. It was also revealed that more than 50% of cancer centers or programs represented in this study utilized SCPs in some fashion. Based on this study, survivorship care seems to be recognized as important, but barriers prevent consistency in these patients receiving an SCP and smoothly transitioning to survivorship care. To date, programs and models have been initiated but do not provide enough evidence on the health outcomes of cancer survivors. Also, there is still poor utilization related to the development and implementation of SCPs. This issue raises concern and leads to this project, an evaluation of cancer nurse providers’ implementation of the 2018 Commission on Cancer survivorship care plan requirement. This requirement entails 50% of eligible survivors receive an SCP.

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