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There has been a hiring discrepancy in the recruiting and hiring process of African American teachers in Ohio (Stein, 2019). The purpose of this descriptive case study was to explore African American teachers’ experiences of becoming teachers in Ohio and their suggestions for improving the hiring process. Five research questions guided the study: (a) What were African American teachers’ lived experiences of becoming a teacher in Ohio? (b) How do African American teachers perceive the obstacles and catalysts of becoming and remaining teachers in Ohio? (c) How do African American teachers view diversity in the teaching force? (d) What policies do African American teachers recommend to improving the recruitment or hiring procedures? (e) What recommendations do African American teachers have for retaining African American teachers at schools? Interviews and focus group discussion were used to collect data. The participants were 15 African American teachers for the interviews and five African American teachers for the focus group discussion in Ohio. Several significant emergent themes emerged, including they are hard to get the license or certification in Ohio, hired as disciplinarians instead of teachers, lack of diversity in education, satisfactory pay to retain teachers, hard to pass the state licensure test, African American teachers as positive role model in education, and student loan forgiveness for public-school teachers. Recommendations for educational leaders and future researchers were provided.

Keywords: academic achievement, acknowledgement, attrition, culturally relevant pedagogy, discrimination, disproportionate, inequity, marginalized, minority, prejudice, racism, recruitment, underrepresentation

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