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Ancient and Oriental Christianity

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The text that this thesis examines is most commonly referred to by modern scholars as the Apocalypse of Pseudo-Ezra (Ps.-Ezra). It is a historical apocalyptic text that claims authorship by the biblical character Ezra, but there is no question that it is the pseudonymous product of a much later Syriac-speaking Christian author who writes in response to the Arab conquests and subsequent consolidation of Arab political and religious dominance under the caliphate. Ps.-Ezra is a brief work, but an enigmatic one, and has received only scant scholarly attention. Although nineteenth- century translations based on three individual manuscripts were made into German, French, and English respectively, no critical edition or full-scale study based on multiple manuscripts has yet appeared.

The primary goal of this project, then, is to produce an edition of the Syriac Ps.-Ezra with a critical apparatus noting variants in the manuscript tradition. The edition is accompanied by an English translation in order to make Ps.-Ezra accessible to a wider range of scholars and students. To orient readers to the text, an introduction to and analysis of Ps.-Ezra is provided. In my approach, I am most interested in studying Ps.-Ezra as an example of the ways that Syriac-speaking Christians used the genre of apocalypse to reconcile their deeply held theological and historical expectations with their often different lived realities. In particular, the thesis highlights the ways Pseudo-Ezra used, reused, and reimagined sacred texts in order to respond to the theological challenges presented by Arab rule.

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