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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Linda Gibson

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Donna Atobajeun

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Faisal Aboul-Enein


This evidence-based quality improvement project was to evaluate public school nurses’ relationships and reaction to their new work environment during the closure of schools in Northern California resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. This project addressed the change in school nursing, especially the nurses’ working environment. A stress management program was offered to the school nurses as an intervention to give them information on perceived stress. The stress management program included mindfulness and stress-relieving techniques over a 1-month period. The research methodology used in the project was a pre- and postintervention using the Perceived Stress Scale-10 (PSS) to measure if the effects of the intervention reduced the school nurses’ perceived stress. The data collection occurred online with Qualtrics. The school nurses received the consent, demographics, and PSS prior to the stress management program and at the end of the program. The results of the project were statistically insignificant. One of the reasons was a low number of participants in the stress management program. This intervention occurred at the beginning of the school nurses’ summer vacation and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The conclusion of this project is that results were statistically insignificant; however, some of the school nurses who participated emailed that they were using the tools provided in the stress management program. School nurse leaders can use this stress management program to assist their staff with reducing their perceived stress when schools are closed during a pandemic. Other evidence-based studies in the literature have demonstrated that a stress management program is a way to reduce the perceived stress of staff.

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