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Organizational Leadership

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Mark McCallon

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Jason Morris


This study explored student perceptions of leadership and the impact they believed it to have on their ability to complete a degree at a community college district. Community college degree completion is both a statewide and national problem as most students who start a degree program will drop out before reaching the requirements to finish their degree, which can hurt their career opportunities and the economy. The purpose of this study was to determine how students perceive factors like leadership and their satisfaction with institutional priority factors to impact degree completion. This study used action research and a mixed methods research methodology to understand student perceptions through qualitative interviews, survey questionnaire items, and a satisfaction inventory. The sample of this study included currently enrolled students at a community college district who had completed at least 45 credit hours and were working on their first degree. Students completed a student satisfaction inventory, a survey questionnaire, and some students participated in a one-on-one interview. Results from the study suggested that students found these areas to be most effective: academic services, student support services, and student centeredness. Students found academic advising, safety and security, and concern for the individual to be the least effective. Some students perceived leadership to have an impact on their ability to complete their degree, while others did not. In conclusion, student perceptions of leadership vary based on the individual experience.

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