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The Church of Christ in North East Indian began as an indigenous movement among the Khasi tribe as an effort to restore New Testament Christianity. The movement is under fifty years old. It grew normally and rapidly until division occured among the leaders in 1963, when the growth rate dropped drastically. The movement has spread now to the Garos, Mizos, Mikirs, Nagas, Assamese, Kukis, and especially the Paites and Manipuree. There is a growing ethusiam among a few Christians which may eventually spread through many of the tribes of North East India and beyond.

Examination of the above-mentioned tribes of North East India showed them to be poor, hard-working agricultural people with closer family ties. An overview of religion in the entire area indicates that Hindu and Islam predominate in North East India. After 140 years Christian missions in North East India show a small conversion total.

Churches of Christ arose from the Presbyterian Church in an effort to restore Biblical teachings in 1930. Rapid growth was indicated until the movement was plagued with division in the early sixties. Canadian missionaries arrived in 1963. The effect of their work gave rise to Alpha Bible College and increased activity at Mawlai Christian School.

Forty leaders in Churches of Christ were interviewed in November, 1976. The movement among the Khasis had increased to 900 members by 1947 then dropped to less than 150 members in 1963 because of division.They climbed to 200 members by 1976. By contrast in Manipur 370 converts have been gained in the decade prior to 1976. No western missionary has been on the ground in Manipur. This church growth has developed naturally from students taught at Alpha Bible College in Shillong. Other afore-mentioned tribes have small beginnings. Recommendations are made to speed up evangelization of the area.


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