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Millennials account for the largest generational cohort in the workforce. Their propensity for turnover is costly to organizations, not just monetary impact, but skill development and sustainability as well. This study attempted to understand if leadership and the preferred leadership style of Millennial employees contribute to job satisfaction. This mixed-methods sequential explanatory study examined how leadership and the preferred leadership style of Millennial employees, from the perspectives of Millennial employees and those who manage them, contribute to job satisfaction. The Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) was used as the survey tool for the qualitative study (see Appendix A). A questionnaire was sent via email to collect interview responses from Millennial employees and supervisors of Millennials. The sample used for the study consisted of Millennial employees and supervisors of Millennials within Texas and SatInc, a satellite internet company. The JSS tool and its results were used, as well as the raw data to further analyze trends and correlations between job characteristics and job satisfaction. Inductive and deductive coding was used in the qualitative portion of the study. The supervisory factor was the most impactful characteristic of job satisfaction. It is imperative that organizations understand the high level of impact that direct management and their leadership style can have on Millennial employees and their job satisfaction.

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