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The book of Joel is classified as one of the twelve Minor Prophets. However, it is different from the books that surround it. In this study, we will explore how studying Joel by thinking of it as a reception and reimagining of what the prophets like Amos and Hosea spoke about helps us to understand the prophet’s words for a new generation and context. Joel uses echoes and prophetic stock images that the author’s audience knows to convey his message. The author draws from prophetic material from the preexilic and exilic world and creates something for this new generation of postexilic people in order to help them know what it means to be the people of God in this new world they now are in. This project identifies specific driving images in Joel and puts the author’s use of these images in conversation with the way that the images are used in the rest of the Book of the Twelve. The purpose is to show that the book of Joel acts as more than just a prophetic book, but also as didactic and pseudo-apocalyptic literature, creating something different than the books around Joel in the canon and tying the Book of the Twelve together.

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