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The Churches of Christ in Ghana commemorated 50 years of the Restoration Movement in Ghana in 2012. As part of the historical development of this community in Ghana, the number of individuals who have accessed higher education through the various institutions of higher learning in the country have increased significantly. This development also led to the emergence of campus churches to meet the spiritual needs of members of this faith-tradition as they pursue academic interests on the various university campuses. This development notwithstanding, almost no literature exists which provides a record of the historical evolution of these campus churches and the influence they have had on past and present members of the campus churches and also on the Churches of Christ in Ghana.

This study documents the historical trajectory of campus churches affiliated with Churches of Christ located in three public universities in Ghana primarily through survey results and oral history interviews. Furthermore, an assessment of the perception of the influence of these campus churches on Ghana Churches of Christ was conducted. It emerged that contrary to the notion that the Legon Church of Christ was the first campus church to be established, it became evident that the KNUST campus church was the first to be established in 1983, followed by the UCC campus church in 1984. Although the Legon church followed later in 1987, it was the first to register and be duly recognized by university authorities. In terms of perception of influence, both past and present members of the campus churches and local church leaders indicated unanimously that campus churches have been influential in terms of the spiritual, moral, and leadership development of members.

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