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Organizational Leadership

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Julie M. Lane

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Christie Bledsoe


Using elements from the parent-based school reputation model, this qualitative methodology study explored the association between a school’s perceived image and reputation as a barrier to the school–home relationship involving military families. Military-connected family culture and diverse contexts affect parent–teacher relationships through a perceptional gap between a school’s role in what it concretely accomplishes and its beliefs about supporting students’ behavioral, emotional, and academic needs. This study aimed to explore the opinions and beliefs of military-connected families based on their experiences with schools during service. The resulting grounded theoretical model argues that military families construct a perception of school support based on (A) a school’s ability to satisfy their needs during the transition, (B) the perceived quality of programs and services for military families, and (C) a parent’s perception of a school’s academic expectations and staff competency that results in (X) the influence of a military family’s perception of the school image and legitimacy. The grounded theoretical model allows for understanding factors valued by military families that influence the perceived quality of services and programs offered for support during relocations. The study challenges current educational leaders by suggesting the impact of image management on the perceived value of public schools through the intentional effort to display superior insight, expertise, and achievements within the military culture.

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