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Organizational Leadership

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Doctor of Education

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Scott Bailey

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The researcher conducted this qualitative descriptive case study at one high school in Texas that described secondary teachers’ perceptions of implementing response to intervention (RTI). The purpose of the study was to better understand and define secondary teachers’ perceptions and experiences, including the campus leadership’s role, in an RTI implementation. The study served to understand teachers’ role in implementing RTI at the secondary level. This qualitative descriptive study focused on the secondary teachers’ perceptions of the benefits, challenges and barriers, level of teacher responsibility, and the role that leadership plays in an RTI implementation. The case study focused on applying Fullan’s theory of change to the RTI implementation. Theory of change focuses on opportunities for educators to build professional knowledge, create a culture based on collaboration, and implement a shared vision and ownership. The data sources for the case study included 12 semistructured teacher interviews, a focus group discussion with nine campus administrators, campus teacher leaders, and instructional coaches, and an analysis of the district and campus RTI implementation documents. The results of the study showed the importance of involving teachers during RTI implementation. The results also showed that all stakeholders in the school community should have a clear understanding and knowledge of the purpose of RTI, including how it supports students, and that teachers should receive the necessary time and resources to implement RTI at the secondary level. By completing this study, districts and campus leaders have valuable input, experiences, and perceptions of secondary teachers that can help improve the RTI implementation process at the secondary level. Keywords: Response to Intervention, secondary, teacher perception, change theory, educational change

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