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Positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) is a framework comprised of several tiers to address students’ emotions and academics. Although educators utilize PBIS in their classroom management, they encounter barriers that hinder implementation. The purpose of the study was to discover, through qualitative interviews, how educators’ adolescent experiences with behavior/classroom management and the positive and negative consequences they experienced in school influenced their values and beliefs about classroom management and their implementation of the PBIS framework in middle schools in Texas. Bandura’s social cognitive theory provided the theoretical framework used to craft the research questions. The central research question examined how did positive and negative adolescent experiences with classroom management impact educators’ decisions regarding discipline in the classroom. Three research questions investigated the experiences of educators. What do educators perceive as barriers and supports to PBIS implementation? How do educators describe their experiences with school discipline as an adolescent? How do educators perceive the influence of their adolescent experiences with school discipline on their implementation of PBIS on campus? The setting included school districts and a charter system in Texas. Purposive and snowball sampling were used to select the participants. The participants were educators in various positions. Data collection included surveys and interviews. Central themes emerging from the study included external barriers for PBIS, supports for PBIS, influences during adolescence, adolescent experiences, and PBIS. The findings revealed both negative and positive experiences of educators during adolescence positively impacted their implementation of classroom management and classroom discipline. Additional research should focus on how educators’ adolescent experiences can negatively impact PBIS implementation and techniques aimed to ensure the fidelity of PBIS in schools.

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