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The purpose of this qualitative case study was to assess the fidelity of implementation of the school readiness/kindergarten preparedness program and the training being used, called the Teaching Strategies GOLD®, through the perceptions of preschool teachers from a Head Start program in southeastern Florida. This study addressed the crisis with the school readiness outcomes in the state of Florida. Specifically, children are entering school underprepared for kindergarten. The Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener data revealed failing test scores at the selected study site during the 2017–2018, 2018–2019, 2019–2020, 2020–2021, and 2021– 2022 school years. Implementing and measuring the efficacy of this school readiness program was needed to ensure students are ready for kindergarten. In testing the efficacy of the school readiness program, the researcher used the fidelity of implementation conceptual framework using semistructured interviews. The main conclusions from this study were that (a) fidelity factors influenced program implementation, (b) teachers’ perceptions of the intervention provided additional information about the interactions between perceptions and fidelity, and (c) key practices implemented by the teachers enabled teachers to meet program objectives. These teachers’ experiences, perceptions, and recommendations from this study can have an impact on the educational community on the micro and macro levels. However, it is important to understand the teachers’ perceptions of the intervention being implemented to maximize initiative effectiveness.

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