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Organizational Leadership

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Colleen Ramos

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Jose Perez


This study explored the emotional impacts of military band performance, as well as the result of military band support loss on individuals in surrounding communities. The primary objectives of this qualitative comparative case study were to discover the value of military bands perceived by audiences and musicians. A critical, qualitative examination was implemented to assess how the atmospheres created by military bands influence their audiences and how communities react to reduced opportunities to interact with military band members. Community members of the 329D and TRADOC Army Bands were surveyed and interviewed in this study to compare the morale and sense of community response within each community. Drawing from an interpretivist standpoint, the symbolic interactionism theory, affect control theory, and affect heuristic were used to analyze the value of military bands in community and morale building. Narratives from this study increase the understanding of the unique relationship that exists between military bands and their various audiences. This study provides a unique insight into the social and emotional benefits of military band performance and important recommendations to multiple levels of leadership for improvement. Overall, the resulting themes reveal crucial evidence that military band support performances provide a positive impact, and that military band support loss negatively impacts communities. It is concluded that merging the interests of the government, community desires, and the military band mission may be indicative of what social-merit based factors affect morale, well-being, identity, and sense of community.

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