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Organizational Leadership

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Dr. Julie McElhany


Though studies suggest social-emotional learning (SEL) programs have a positive impact on youth development, the focus, implementation, and consensus on SEL programs vary. These programs largely overlook adolescent self-esteem, which is at its lowest during the formative middle school years and twice as likely to be lower among females than males. This study attempted to understand whether SEL education impacts middle school females' self-esteem and leadership and whether their self-esteem and leadership self-efficacy correlate. Key research questions explored middle school females’ self-perception of their self-esteem and leadership self-efficacy levels. This quantitative descriptive study aimed to examine whether there was a significant correlation between female middle school students' self-esteem and leadership behaviors. This study explored the self-esteem and leadership behaviors among various middle-school females within a designated school district. The research population for the quantitative descriptive study was middle school female students at a single school district. Data collection included participants anonymously completing an online Likert scale that combined both the Harrill Self-Esteem Inventory and the Roets Rating Scale for Leadership. The study had a sample size of 42 voluntary participants. The results revealed themes that impact student self-esteem and leadership self-efficacy levels. Findings included the dual nature of self-esteem and the need for intervention.

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