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Project-based learning (PBL), a type of pedagogy, is helping students in today’s world stay motivated to learn. This hands-on, collaborative type of learning is seen as beneficial for students, but the problem is the lack of knowledge about teachers’ perceptions of PBL. This qualitative study discusses teachers’ perceptions of PBL through the challenges, benefits, teacher training, and school administration support. Twelve teachers from magnet schools within a public school district specializing in PBL were interviewed. The teachers ranged from first-year teachers to teachers with over 10 years of experience. Six educators also participated in a focus group. Study findings indicated that teachers felt PBL was beneficial for today’s students. Some teachers find PBL challenging as it requires much planning time. It is more challenging if teachers are not supported by their administration. All participants commented on the importance of PBL training. More practical training is needed to help the teachers feel more successful in the classroom. Despite the challenges with PBL, every teacher interviewed said the benefits outweighed the challenges and thought PBL was an effective method for teaching today’s students.

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