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Mental health clinicians working in a hospital setting are at a high risk of experiencing burnout due to the stressful demands of their caseloads, compassion fatigue, limited resources, and unsupportive leadership. While there is ample research regarding the cause and effect of burnout on clinicians there is a gap in the literature when it comes to the impact leadership has on mental heath clinician burnout. The purpose of this quantitative, correlational study is to determine if and to what extent there is a correlation between Transformational Leadership and mental health clinician burnout. Participants for this study consisted of 200 mental health clinicians working in inpatient mental health hospitals. Each clinician was sent a link for the anonymous, electronic survey with questions from the Leadership Behavior Inventory, to assess their perception of their direct supervisor’s level of Transformational Leadership Qualities, and the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory to assess their level of personal, work-related, and client-related burnout. Of the 200 surveys sent out, 112 were completed fully and returned. The data was analyzed using Spearman’s Rho Correlational test with the independent variable being Transformational Leadership, and the dependent variables of personal burnout, work-related burnout, and client-related burnout. The study findings were significant, suggesting that there is a negative correlation between Transformational Leadership and the three dimensions of clinician burnout. These research findings may be helpful for mental health hospital administrators to develop a leadership training for their clinical supervisors to adopt a Transformational Leadership style that can help mitigate burnout in their clinicians.

Keywords: mental health clinician, burnout, transformational leadership

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