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Organizational Leadership

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Doctor of Education

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Dr. Simone Elias

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Dr. Amy Barrios

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Dr. Linda Wilson-Jones


This study aimed to understand the factors influencing the leadership development of Latino and/or Hispanic male leaders serving in Texas community colleges. As the Latino and/or Hispanic population continues to grow, understanding the experiences from middle school to college is critical to gleaning insights into the factors that influence the development of Latino and/or Hispanic male leaders. Using a narrative life span approach to leadership development, the study provided themes regarding the critical factors impacting leadership development across the life span of the participants. Through life stories, the study’s findings described and illustrated key factors that influenced leadership development for the participants. Through the thematic analysis process, three prominent themes emerged as the most influential factors in leadership development, (1) relationships, (2) regional culture, and (3) socioeconomics. Subthemes included (1a) personal, (1b) professional, and (2a) border towns and other regions of Texas, (2b) language, (2c) discrimination, and (3a) education. Three key conclusions included (1) relationships, and regional cultural experiences represent critical life span factors influencing leadership development, (2) socioeconomics represents the influences on educational experiences, and (3) experiences of discrimination represent critical factors influencing leadership practices. Further, this study contributes to the scholarly literature on community college leadership by expanding the understanding of experiences for Latino and/or Hispanic male leaders in community colleges in Texas.

Keywords: Latino and/or Hispanic male leaders (LHMLs), community colleges, leadership development, life span

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