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DNP Project



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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Pattie Sunderhaus

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Roneisa Matero


Burnout is a widely known state of physical and emotional fatigue previously noted to affect as many as 60% of healthcare providers, but one that is understudied in nurse practitioners and physician assistants working in emergency departments. It is imperative that the providers of healthcare recognize in themselves signs of burnout and have resources available to mitigate the condition. A pretest–posttest, quasi-experimental, nonequivalent control group, descriptive research design with descriptive statistics analysis was used to analyze answers to an email-based survey sent to nurse practitioners and physician assistants working for one large emergency medicine staffing company. The intent of this quasi-experimental DNP project was to (a) determine burnout in nurse practitioners and physician assistants working in emergency departments and (b) determine if meeting the minimum exercise standards set by the American Heart Association and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services decreased burnout in the population being studied. The 2-Question Summative Score was used to determine burnout, and the Exercise Vital Sign questionnaire was used to determine exercise requirements. Findings included 88% of the population being studied suffered from burnout before the study intervention. Of those who participated in the exercise intervention, 75% experienced a decrease in burnout score. After study participation, there was a 10% overall total reduction from the burnout category to the nonburnout category, and 58% of all participants had improvement in burnout scores during the study period.

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