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The purpose of this evidence-based quantitative quasi-experimental research was to compare if providing the parents with information on the health risk associated with childhood obesity would cause the parents to make healthier food choices and encourage their children to be involved in a full hour of physical activity a day. Participants included parents and pediatric and adolescent children 5 to 18 years of age at a solo practice primary care office in a large city in Southern, California, which specializes in treating pediatric and adolescent patients. A pre- and postquantitative intervention design were used and analyzed using the paired t test. The educational intervention on childhood obesity had a significant effect on the pre- and postintervention mean scores for the General Nutrition Knowledge Questionnaire. The preintervention mean score was 45.40, and the postintervention mean score was 51.20, which showed clinical significance with a (p = < .001). The participants’ demographics, age, weight, height, ethnicity, body mass index (BMI), and BMI percentage were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The sample size included participants (N = 54), females (n = 28), and males (n = 26). Considerations for future research may include providing parents with more resources to obtain healthier food choices to prevent childhood obesity, such as a social worker for families who lack financial resources for healthy food choices, a dietician to assist families with meal planning, and community resources for daily physical activity.

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