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This qualitative case study explored the knowledge and experiences of 12 speech-language pathologists (SLPs) regarding the culture and linguistic processes of the Deaf culture when assessing and treating deaf and hard of hearing children ages 2 to 9. Data analysis has resulted in identification of the following main themes: (a) The Scope of Practice, (b) Barriers Regarding Culturally and Linguistically Informed Practices, and (c) Awareness of Similarities and Differences in Language Acquisition and Structures in English and American Sign Language (ASL). The findings of this study underscored the importance of knowledge that SLPs have to acquire in order to provide appropriate services to the deaf and hard hearing children. The participants referred to the lack of such knowledge during their academic studies. As SLPs in practice, they encountered several barriers in terms of assessing and treating the language of the deaf and hard of hearing children, which was due to the influence the language in which therapy takes place. Most of the participants of this study were not aware of the existence of assessments that have ASL as the language in which testing tools are standardized in order to assess vocabulary, phonology, morphosyntax, and narrative skills. This study contributes to new insights into the knowledge and experiences of SLPs who provide services for deaf and hard of hearing children.

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