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The purpose of this case study was to try to gain a deeper understanding of the impact and effectiveness of a shared leadership approach, implemented through a strengths identification and development program, on the team member trust, affective conflict, and employee engagement within a dispersed organization. The participants in the study all worked in a dispersed organization and participated in a strengths identification development program, centered around the StrengthsFinder 2.0 self-assessment. After completing the assessment, the participants in the study participated in a group strength coaching session with a certified strengths coach, where they were coached on their individual strength areas, as well as the team dynamics. This case study used one-on-one interviews to gain understanding, from the team members’ perspective, the impact of the strengths identification and development program on the shared leadership, trust, conflict, and employee engagement within the group. The overall findings indicated that the strengths identification and development program had a positive impact on the shared leadership within the group. The program did not have an impact on the employee development, the level of trust, or the level of conflict within the group. However, the participants did feel that the conflict that arose within the group was handled more effectively. The findings indicated that while strength identification and development programs can improve shared leadership and conflict resolution within a dispersed organization, continued development support and coaching may be necessary to provide significant improvement in other areas, such as employee engagement and trust.

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