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Dallas Campus (Online)

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DNP Project



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Doctor of Nursing Practice

Committee Chair or Primary Advisor

Catherine Garner

Second Committee Member or Secondary Advisor

Sandra Cleveland


The purpose of this project was to develop a formal care management program for homeless patients during transition into the rehabilitation setting. This DNP scholarly project worked with one specific rehabilitation center, which is most open to the care of homeless individuals needing wound care, on the creation of a postdischarge service. An interprofessional team worked together to create a plan for the creation, implementation, and evaluation of this innovative service based on the protocols derived from the CDC to facilitate a framework and practice for those suffering from open, chronic, and worsening wounds in an effort to prevent further complications. To execute this, the modified Delphi method was utilized. The data collection consisted of three sets of survey questions that were grouped and categorized into themes. These themes detailed the focus areas for the formal wound care plan that included knowledge-level, skill-level, timeframe, and patient care. Collectively these themes gave validity to ensuring the health and wellbeing of this vulnerable population. Coordinating continuum of care for reentry into the community was essential. As such, this program includes partnerships with special shelters to provide wound care and supplies as well as collaboration with a local food bank offering a meal and voucher exchange for recently discharged patients. Therefore, the desired outcome is a program plan that can be adopted into a grant application for funding. Keywords: homeless, post-discharge, rehabilitation, wounds, project design, grant

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