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This study explores and describes the experiences of ten dual status youth in Taylor County, Texas by examining the factors of race, sex, child welfare allegation, and juvenile justice offense. A review of the literature suggests that this population has unique challenges in and outside the courtroom, including being at increased risk for disparate outcomes in later adolescence and adulthood. This study compared single-system child welfare and juvenile justice data from Texas DFPS Region 2 and Taylor County to raw data provided on a sample of ten dual status youth identified in Taylor County from 2017–2021. Findings included a disproportionately higher representation of males and youth of color in the dual status group. Regarding child welfare allegations, Refusal to Accept Parental Responsibility allegations were associated with 50% of the dual status group, but less than 1% of all removals in Taylor County over the same time period. Regarding juvenile offenses, felonies and misdemeanors accounted for 95% of offenses in the dual status group, compared to 86% of all offenses in Taylor County over the same time period. This study is significant because it provides important data for professionals in and around the juvenile justice and child welfare systems in Taylor County to utilize when choosing the best evidence-based practices and interventions with this unique population. Additional implications of this study for policy, practice, and research are provided.

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